Heating Oil Tanks (HOT)

Whether you already own, or are buying or selling a home, it’s likely that at some point you will hear about heating oil tanks. A heating oil tank can be found as a underground (UST) or above ground (AST) and were used as a container for heating oil (diesel #2) to heat homes or buildings. Heating oil tanks should be decommissioned in place or removed altogether. Not only can they pollute the soil around the tank, but they can contaminate groundwater and pose a hazard to its surrounding environment. This can be caused by tanks that have been in use or have been sitting for too long and have corroded allowing for a leak.

Elements offers services for heating oil tanks on the Oregon coast and can help you asses your needs and direct you on the right steps. We are an Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) licensed Heating Oil Tank (HOT) Service Provider.

  • Free Decommission Proposal
  • HOT Removal
  • HOT Decommissioning
  • HOT Locating
  • Soil Testing
  • Tank Replacement
  • Contaminated Soil Cleanup

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality Heating Oil Tank Program – Licensed Service Provider #27184